A Humbling Start…

When starting New H2O Clothing Company I asked myself, “Will this work?”. I spent a lot of time thinking, praying, and really trying to understand my end goal. I believe God gave me this vision and I’m supposed to carry it out. The only thing I wasn’t sure of is if people would support my dreams and ideas. I know God has my back but when you work so hard for something you tend to notice human nature kicking in a little bit. Ideas like, “Once we launch what if nobody cares about our vision?” or “You’re going to spend all this money starting up you will never re-coup if people don’t believe in what you’re doing.”.

I know this is Satan kicking in trying to detract me from my vision. My hope is that you stay the course with any vision or dreams God has given you. Stay close to Him. I’ve never been so humbled in my entire life and God has shown me ways to trust Him I never even knew existed.

To everyone who supported us in the very beginning, I really want to say THANK YOU!!! I really can’t wait to see what happens in the future.






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