New H2O Clothing Company and No Compromise Form Exclusive Partnership


New H2O Clothing Company is proud to announce that they have now partnered exclusively with GS and his “No Compromise” clothing brand. Nick Chow (owner of New H2O) is excited about this partnership and said, “I have been a fan of his music for quite some time and have now equally become a fan of his business sense as well.” This partnership not only will promote togetherness but also a lifestyle.

Individually they have been very active and visible in much of what they do. has become one of the premier Christian media websites online and will be giving the website a new look to become more interactive with the fans. Also GS’s debut album That Real Talk had two songs to make it to cable TV and was featured in multiple mainstream magazines. Accomplishments are great but it’s much more with these two brands, it’s a lifestyle.

GS (Christian Rap Artist/Owner of I’M DOIN’ JESUS) launched his “No Compromise” clothing brand in October 2013. It promotes a lifestyle of not compromising in any area of life. The brand is growing and has also gained support from NFL players, Rap Artist, UFC athletes as well as the Kingdom, just to name a few. The “No Compromise” brand is very active in the community with plans of creating an outdoor fitness program for the city of Houston as well as many other cities and states.

According to New H2O founder Nick Chow, “We love God and want to inspire everyone around us. This clothing line was created to motivate others using scripture. We pull out inspiration and motivation from the Bible to engage today’s culture. We really wanted to make clothing that is authentic and would inspire people to ask us questions about our faith”.

The partnership idea came along after reading about Paul and his partnership with the Philippians Church. More can be accomplished together than apart and this may be the beginning of something big in the Kingdom. This partnership will not only increase our product in quality and design but will also enlarge our reach throughout the world. The goal is to present to the public a quality of living through clothing that will overall promote health, hope and Christ. We are extremely excited about this partnership and look forward to building a supporter/friend in you.

The “No Compromise” clothing brand will be available exclusively at

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