The Inspiration Behind “Light Overcomes Darkness”

Too often in life, we find ourselves forgetting that we are different. Set apart from the rest. We lose sight of what it really means to be God’s chosen ones in this world. And many times we think that nobody notices the things we do every day to be a light.

This concept really spoke to me, telling me to shine my light even though darkness surrounds me. I think of myself as a beacon of hope for all those who search. It is not my own, but God’s light that shines inside of me. Even though I feel as if I am alone, I know God never leaves my side, allowing me to shine bright without the fear of the darkness overtaking me. The inspiration for the design of Light over Darkness takes its roots in the verse

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it” – John 1:5

To me, this verse is really a promise as much as it is a command. It’s a promise that darkness will not overcome my light no matter how much darkness there may be surrounding me. The command is the simple notion of shining my light in the darkness for all to see.

When I thought of this verse, I was obsessed with the notion that something so simple and so common as the night sky portrayed an image of what it meant to shine your light in the dark. It’s a display of the verse, capturing the image to the core. The night sky is painted with thousands of gleaming and bright stars every single night. I thought of myself as a star. Forever burning, shining my light to illuminate the darkness around me. Though there may be darkness surrounding, it never covers or snuffs out my light. Therefore I will continue to shine bright, breaking through the darkness, going against norms, and showing everyone that I am called to be different. Go out there and shine your light.

Zach Chow
Zach Chow
I fear God. I love God. Poet and creative writer. I love every type of art. I have a hunger to see the world change. Co-founder at New H2O Clothing Company.